Kefir Increases Energy

Kefir Eliminates Bloating, Improves Digestion And Increases Energy 


Sue first joined the exercise group in 2013

I first met Sue in the market back in 2013. She was and still is vegetarian and had a host of health complaints. Among them - bloated stomach, constipation, pain in various parts of the body, lactose and gluten intolerant, very low energy level, tired always.


She was constantly having abdominal pain after eating just a little bit of food, including even some vegetables, curries, breads, tofu and even plain store bought yogurt.


In short, she was not able to digest her food and could eat very little. She used to tell me that I wouldn't believe how little she ate and yet she was putting on weight!


In short, her digestive problems were causing her to be severely deficient in nutrients.


Visiting the doctors for pain treatment was a monthly affair for a good number of years. Taking painkillers were the monthly 'solution' prescribed.

The first thing I advised her to do was to exercise and drink more water. I remember her rather amusing response - "How come the doctor did not tell me to do this but just gave me pain killers?" Drinking more water and exercising alleviated her consitpation!


Introducing kefir to her diet did wonders for her. She drank mainly milk kefir  flavored with fruit and occassionally water kefir and enjoyed them both tremendously. It has been about two years now she has been consuming kefir almost on a daily basis.


"Sometimes I eat nothing throughout the day except kefir. My energy has improved so much! I can walk a few rounds now in the neighbourhood without any problems."


She adds, "My relatives noticed that I have lost weight and looks much more energetic."


Looking at her, I see such a great improvement of her physical health. She complains so much less of pain. Not to mention she greatly reduced going to the clinics. She looks better nowadays - less weight, smaller waistline, more energetic and younger too as a bonus!


It is indeed such a joy to see someone so much helped by a kefir rich diet.


A recent shot taken in March 2015