Kefir Liquid Starter

One pack of kefir Liquid Starter contains 10 individual sachets . Each sachet can make you 2 glasses of kefir (instructions below) 

Make your own kefir easily.

Artisanally Formulated.

  • No maintenance of grains

  • No straining 

  • Make as and when you want 

  • The sachets can be kept in the fridge easily up to 3 months

To order, simply WhatsApp to :

+6012-354 4977 (My Kefir World)

+6012-685 0977 (Mr. Ho)

Instructions to make Kefir with Kefir Liquid Starter

  1. Cut open the sachet.

  2. Pour the Kefir Liquid Starter into a glass/mug.

  3. Top up with 180-220ml of fresh milk.

  4. Stir with a spoon and cover the glass (either with a piece of cloth or a lid (non airtight) to prevent insects from going in.

  5. Leave it on counter top or table, away from direct sunlight, to ferment for 16-20 hours.

  6. The kefir is now sour, thickened and ready. Drink it straight or store in fridge for later.

Additional ways to enjoy the milk kefir:

  • Add a tablespoon of natural sweetener (honey, date syrup, agave nectar etc)

  • Blend with fruits for a kefir smoothie

  • Pour over a bowl of cereals etc for a hearty breakfast

Each sachet can be used to make 2 batches.  


To make a second batch, simply scoop out 2 tablespoons of the  readymade kefir and top up with fresh milk again and repeat the steps above.