Kefir And Skin Conditions


Kefir has been reported by many to improve skin conditions from acne to eczema. One of our client, RX has reported the following to us and been gracious to allow us permission to share her story.


Rx's daughter's (we'll call her B) started when she developed baby acne at the age of 1 month. Seeing a doctor, she was prescribed some mild steroidal cream. She started to develop rashes on her face, body and legs but more severe on her face.

The itch got bad and RX had to give her anti scratch sleeves to prevent her for becoming like this:


Rx decided to stop the steroids after finding out its side effects and embarked on a journey to help her own daughter. She started on the GAPS diet-chicken broth and probiotic supplemts. Then she added ghee to her diet and introduce yogurt slowly.


Besides these, there are also the gelatin rich food such as jello made from grassfed cow gelatin and sauerkraut.


At the same time, B was also given different detox baths everyday, raning from epsom salt to bentonite clay to seaweed powder etc.


In the midst of all these efforts, RX discovered kefir and started making basic milk kefir for B. B drinks one cup of kefir and sometimes one and a half each day.


All in all, RX admits that it is a tough journey. She noted that drinking kefir has brought much improvement to B's condition. In her own words:


' ..really have faith in kefir. My daughter's condition was significantly improved after we started kefir"

Adorable B has much improved. Kudos to RX for all her efforts !!