Secondary Fermentation

Fermenting with the grains as per the recipe above is called primary fermentation. When you have made your milk or water kefir, you can now opt to go for a secondary ferment. This is done by leaving your fermented kefir for another day with the addition of fruit/herbs, closing the lid tight and allowing it to sit another 24 hours usually in the fridge.

Primary Fermentation

Grains + sugary water → Leave for 24 hours →remove grains → Water kefir


Secondary Fermentation

Water Kefir (from above) + Additional fruit/ Juice/Herbs →Leave for 24 hours →Enhanced water kefir

Why do we do a secondary ferment?


This is done to improve both the flavor and health properties. It is a good idea, in incorporating kefir to our diet for health purposes, to drink both the primary fermented kefir and the secondary fermented ones.


Water kefir is easily the most healthy fizzy carbonated drink you can make at home. Great replacement for carbonated drinks. I make lots of these during festivities such as Chinese New Year and have since stopped purchasing can or box drinks.