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Coconut Kefir

Coconut kefir is surely one of the most healthful beverage you can consume.


The health benefits of coconut needs hardly any introduction. Being in a tropical country, Malaysia has plenty of coconut all year round. Once coconut milk (called santan locally) was demonized as possessing cholesterol and many shy away from having too much coconut milk, it is now understood that it provides one of the most healthy oils man can consume.


Coconut milk is different from coconut water and you can use both. One will give you coconut milk kefir while the latter coconut water kefir.

Coconut Milk

When you crack open the coconut, you will observe that there is the coconut flesh coating the inside of the shell as well as water contained within the coconut. This flesh is matured when it is thick and hard and at this state, will contain the most oil. Young coconut will have just a very thin layer of flesh that is both soft, smooth and delicious in the mouth!


You get coconut milk when you scrape out the coconut flesh, finely shred it (use food processor) and squeeze the pulp through a cheese or muslin cloth.


Coconut Water


The water which you can pour out is coconut water whereas coconut milk is produced from the pressing of the white coconut flesh. A young coconut has more water and less flesh and vice versa for the matured coconut water.


Coconut water is an electrolyte drink. It is rich in minerals and a real booster for those involved in sports. On a hot day, drinking a glass of coconut water is very refreshing and fermenting coconut water is definitely recommended.

In tropical countries, one can easily obtain freshly pressed coconut milk or coconut water. If you want to make coconut water kefir, look for a relatively young coconut and you will find a greater volume of coconut water. However, bear in mind that the younger coconut contain slightly less nutrition as compared to a riper one.

Where To Buy Coconut Milk ?

If you have no access to coconuts, you can get a good organic unsweetened can of coconut milk at for USD2.99 for 398ml. You can get coconut water at iHerbs from USD2.05 onwards. I enjoy shopping at iherb as they offer truly unbeatable value for money with lots of freebies thrown in ; I buy lots of stuffs there  but not coconut milk or water.


A side note :

I do not purchase coconut milk or water from them as there are plentiful of coconuts here is tropical Malaysia! Coconut milk is truly amazing and you can use them for all kind of cooking and baking and gives a deliciously rich and fragrant flavor. One of Malaysians’ favorites is of course the nasi lemak, rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves.

Coconut Milk Kefir Recipe

Coconut kefir is made by using milk kefir grains whereas coconut water kefir uses water grains. Though both grains can be used to culture successfully whichever medium you put them (eg water grains to culture coconut milk), it is advisable to use the recommended type of grains.

Ingredients :


Coconut Milk     250ml

Milk grains          1 tbsp




1. Pour the coconut milk into a glass jar and add the milk grains.

2. Cover with a piece of cloth secured with an elastic band.

3. After 18-24 hours (when the milk has coagulated), strain and remove grains.

Coconut Water Kefir Recipe


Ingredients :


Coconut water               1 young coconut

Water grains                   2 tbsps


Method :


1. Crack open a coconut.

2. Pour out the coconut water into a glass jar.

3.. Add the water grains.

4. Cover with a piece of cloth secured with an elastic  band.

5. Ferment for about 18-24 hours until the taste is to your liking.

6. Remove grains. Chill and drink.

Note : If you are using a starter culture and deciding which brand to use, the culture pack from Body Ecology has great reviews as giving a superior taste compared to other brands.

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