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Why Am I Always Tired ?

I have not been in optimum health ever since I was still in my teens.   I had sinus in the mornings and throughout my youth, had always had problems with my bowel movements.  I had bad menses pain, piles and sometimes wind and gastric attacks.


Other health problems started to surface in my mid-30’s.  I developed chronic fatigue syndrome. I found myself feeling tired all the time. No matter how many hours I slept,  I woke up just as tired.


If I took an afternoon nap, I would get up with a headache. The number of fingers on one hand are more than the number of days I actually could sleep well for the whole year. Just climbing the stairs of my house left me panting!


About this time too, I developed a fungal infection. Started with a nail on my finger, then through the years, it spread and infected all my 10 fingers and spreading to my palms.  


At times, the itch and pain woke me up in my already bad night, making my fatigue worse. I could not even wash a plate without putting on gloves.

The turning point came for me when I got to know a holistic practitioner.  A whole new world of health care opened for me. I learnt that my health protocol was wrong, that our health really must be in our own hands and that we can and must improve our health ourselves because medicines does not cure the root of our problems but merely stops the symptoms.


Thus started my journey of learning what was wrong with me (and at the same time, learning what is wrong with many other people), how I got to be such a condition and what I can do to change and improve.


Ever since  I began the discovery to the world of alternative and natural health. I have not taken a dose of antibiotics for more than 15 years now. Neither has my children (I have 3) for a number of years (I cannot remember when was the last time they took one, my youngest daughter  who is 21 now, has never taken any since birth except once when she was bitten by a dog).


This was my finger in October 2008. All my  fingers were like this one, sometimes inflamed and itched so badly all over.

My sleep vastly improved, my energy levels increased, my complexion looks much better (my mom used to be so worried cause  I looked so sickly and weak), my fungal infections improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years.


So, my encouragement to all is, you CAN improve your health naturally. Only two obstacles which you must remove : IGNORANCE and LAZINESS!

Remember, we need to be educated, not medicated.


In this site, I am sharing a very important factor to good health – a healthy gut. Kefir goes a long way here.


To regain health, besides rebalancing your gut flora, you need to get the toxins out and to get the nutrition in. You need to get your blood to circulate healthily and to balance your body’s homeostatis which you lost due to years of poor diet and lifestyle and due the  worsening environment in which we live.


Do check out my other sites and arm yourself with knowledge. You are your best doctor! You are also most welcome to email me as I would love to hear from you.

May God bless you,

CY Wong



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