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Kefir Rich Diet

A Kefir Rich Diet Protects Your Health

Why Kefir Diet?

A diet rich in probiotics does wonders to our health. Kefir is good not only for the sick but for the healthy as well due to its numerous health benefits.


The majority, if not all of us, have some form of microflora imbalance. This is due to the antibiotics we receive either directly or indirectly. Most antibiotics are broad based, meaning they will kill off all bacteria, irrespective of good or bad. Though this heal our immediate problems, the consequences can be devastating to our overall health.

Where Do We Get Our Antibiotics From?


Prescribed Medications

Although antibiotics is really meant to save us in dangerous situations, its usage has been much abused. In Malaysia, it is so very common to be prescribed antibiotics. Even babies are given liquid antibiotics. I once met a doctor who honestly told me that if he did not prescribe antibiotics, his patients will not get well immediately and he will be getting lesser and lesser patients!


Our Food

Meat, pork, poultry and even plants are usually given low dose antibiotics to keep them from infections and disease. Even if we can avoid prescribed antibiotics, we can never know just how much we are taking in form our food supply chain.

The Results Of Antibiotics Consumption

The natural microflora in our gut is upset, causing an overgrowth of bad bacteria. This can lead to so many health issues and affect us in more ways than we can ever imagine as our gut health is vital to our immune system health.

A Kefir Rich Diet Will Heal Your Guts

A kefir diet is definitely rich in probiotics. You can even incorporate eating the kefir grains for an added probiotic boost as these have an even higher CFU/ml (colony forming unit per milliliter) count.

Besides milk kefir, drinking water kefir too is a good idea. Water kefir is an excellent probiotic drink and is enjoyed by the young and old alike. So many different flavors can be made with water kefir grains such as ginger kefir, roselle kefir, pineapple kefir, grape-juice kefir and so on


Water kefir can be made strong or mild according to your taste. It is definitely the alternative to unhealthy disease causing commercial soda and carbonated soft drinks.


Besides plainly drinking kefir, you can incorporate kefir in your diet in many other ways, such as adding it to your smoothie, making a dessert such as ice cream or using it as a dressing much like sour cream.


To Heal, You Must Take Enough...

The important thing to take about kefir is this. If you are having a compromised gut, it is important to be taking enough of kefir or other probiotics for your problem, including, if possible, ingesting the grains itself. Many a times, something is ineffective simply because we are not taking enough of it.

The importance of probiotics cannot be over stated. It is a good idea, besides kefir, to incorporate probiotics to our diet in other ways.

They are:

  • Probiotic supplementation. This is a good idea if we are too busy to make our own probiotic source.

  • Fermented Vegetables such as kimchi and sauerkraut. In fact, you can ferment any vegetables you like by using a starter culture.

  • Fermented soybeans such as natto, tempeh, bean curds and soya sauce.

  • Fermented grains such as rejuvelac.

  • Fermented beverages such as kombucha, kvass, tapai


kombucha scoby malaysia

Easiest Probiotic Source To Make?

My vote is milk kefir! All you do is add milk. Wait. Strain. Drink. Can’t get any easier. No vegetables to wash and chop, no temperature to control, short waiting time.

You can surely benefit from a diet rich in kefir. If you are fighting any disease, probiotics is an important part of your diet you simply cannot be without.

kefir cheese malaysia

Ways To Incorporate
Kefir To Diet

Kefir can be added to our diet in so many ways. Among them : 

  • Drinking it plain

  • Flavoring kefir in second ferment

  • Kefir Smoothie-for breakfast, lunch or dinner

  • Kefir Ice cream-enjoy as a dessert

  • Kefir Sour Cream-use as a dressing

  • Kefir Cheese-use as topping

  • Sourdough starter-for baking

  • Cooking – add to curries, pancakes and anything that calls for milk

  • Use externally – apply it to your skin, you will absorb its nutrition and leaves your skin a better complexion as well as combat skin infections

How much kefir in our diet? This simply cannot be answered as a formula because each of our body’s microflora balance is different. So, go ahead and experiment what works best for you.



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