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Inevitably, there will come a time when you need to take a break from making kefir-going on a holiday or alternating with other probiotic source. Yes, it is a good idea to alternate taking kefir with other probiotic source. This can include fermented vegetables, kombucha or even just a good probiotic supplement.


Making kefir well will also result in having excess grains. It is a good idea to keep some grains as a back-up in case something went wrong with your existing batch.​

Okay, so how we do go about storage ? 

Short Term Storage

If you just need a break from a few days up to a couple of weeks, you can just put the grains in a glass container with enough milk/sugary water to cover them. Cover them loosely and place in the fridge. The cold temperature will keep the grains from being active and they will go on very slow motion, depending on how cold your fridge is.


When you decide to ferment again, take them out, place in the solution you want to ferment. Follow the recipe and leave at room temperature. The grains should revive without any problems.


For a longer term of a few months or more,  you can choose to either freeze them or dehydrate them.

Long Term Storage

To freeze, simply drain the grains, place them in a container and place in the freezer. To dehydrate, rinse the grains, leave them in room temperature until they are totally dry. Store them in a zip lock bag and leave in a cool dry place.


To revive frozen or dehydrated grains, you will first need to thaw/rehydrate them. Place them in a container with water until they are properly soft and ‘plump’ again. Next, place them in milk/sugary water enough to cover them. Change daily until they start working again. Then, place them into the solution according to the recipe.


More detailed answer to storing grains, together with tips learnt from personal experience and more than 50 other kefir related issues are found in my ebook ‘Make Kefir Successfully’


Karin Heinimann

"After reading this book you want to start your kefir immediately!!"

Kefir has been on my interest list for a while however none of the many articles and other eBooks have inspired me as much as CY’s book from the very first page onwards.
She introduces Kefir in a very simple yet informative way without one having to read a whole book about its origins and history before getting to the core of starting your cultures. She writes in a simple yet humorous and informative way that captures your interest to read the book in one go! However it is very easy organized so one can go back to relevant topics at any later time.
I like how milk and water kefir is explained separately in detail including some recipes. The many questions and answers leaves no question unanswered and after reading this book you’ll certainly be well informed and clear to go ahead with your kefir culture. I did and I'm hooked!



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