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kefir bread

Make Kefir Bread

If you are into making bread, you may want to give a try at making kefir bread. I find the texture to be good and it was pretty delicious especially when it was still warm. I have tried making the kefir bread with bread flour but you can make it with other flours such as rye or spelt. I have yet to try with other flours.

Here is the recipe that I have tried:

Method and Ingredients

1. Prepare the Starter  

  •    1 cup of flour

  •    1 cup of kefir

Mix these two together in a bowl and cover. Leave overnight until the mixture is soft and liquidy

make kefir bread
make kefir bread

2. Pour the mixture into a bread maker.

Next, add the following ingredients to this mixture:

  •    1 teaspoon baking soda

  •    1 tablespoon sugar

  •    1 tablespoon melted butter

  •    1 cup bread flour (or whatever other flour you like. I used the Alpine mix flour)

3. Start the bread maker to mix all the ingredients in.
Stop the bread maker operations. Allow the mixture to rise to about double the size

how to make kefir bread
how to make kefir bread

4. Start the baking operations and you are done!

kefir bread
kefir bread


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